Local SEO for Insurance Agencies

Local SEO (search engine optimization) covers a range of marketing tactics aimed at improving a website’s visibility for locally-oriented searches within the major search engines.  If your insurance agency in located in Miami, you don’t need to rank well for “car insurance,” you need to be highly visible for “car insurance Miami.”

The cost of advertising online within a competitive industry like insurance can be daunting and out-of-reach for most local players.  With Google AdWords cost per click rates in the $35.00 – $65.00 range (depending on your market), this type of online marketing is beyond all but the biggest players.  Local SEO is the perfect answer to this issue, allowing smaller, independent insurance agencies to create an online presence that generates traffic and leads without the prohibitive costs.  All it takes is a little know-how and time.

In a recent article on this topic, Mobile SEO: A Case Study, I share some lessons and tips for small businesses looking to grab their share of local searchers.  While the article talks about Local SEO as it relates to a restaurant, all the lessons and tips I include apply to you and your insurance business.

>> See the Lessons and Tips Here

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