Content Is Still King

How many times have you heard the term “Content is King”? Since the early days of the web, we’ve been pounded with this term. Bill Gates wrote an article, back in 1996, where he discussed the value of digital content and how any company, no matter its size, will be able to supply information or entertainment via the Internet.

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Web Content

What amazes me is that sixteen years have passed since that famous article was published and year after year every smart online marketer has constantly echoed the value that original web content represents for big companies or small local businesses in terms of brand building and lead generation. Unfortunately ,only a few of those businesses have listened and taken advantage of the opportunities.

So…that being said, let me ask the following questions: when was the last time you thought about adding a new page or updating the current content on your agency website? Is your website interesting, valuable or remarkable in terms of content, compared to your competitors? Do you offer various types of content, besides your bio and staff photos?

After reading these questions, do you still feel like you’re doing a good job of creating enticing and engaging content marketing that generates more leads to your business and at the same time facilitates conversation with current customers? Did you say yes to all of them? Good for you! Keep it up! If not, you better keep reading.

Let me share a few good reason as to why you should really consider planning the content for your website as part of your online marketing strategy:

  •  More content on your site means more traffic over time.
  •  If you update or add a new web page on a regular basis (at least once a month), it is more likely that search engine spiders will return more often to crawl your site and index your pages; positioning those pages on the first page of search results for targeted keywords.
  • Producing content about an interesting industry topic or simply writing informational snippets about “How to Shop for Low Cost Auto Insurance” will create trust and credibility and convert your visitors into customers for your agency.
  • Your business can gain a competitive advantage, over your competitors, if you engage potential customers with your site content.

Now that you understand the needs and benefits of creating content for your company’s site, let’s take a look at a basic list of content types that you can begin incorporating as part of your online strategy.

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Bios
  • E-books
  • Press Releases
  • Landing Pages
  • Slide Shows
  • Image Galleries
  • Maps
  • Video
  • Audio

You can expand this list into simple topics like:

  • New products or service descriptions
  • Special local events sponsored by your agency
  • Seminars, conferences and webinars
  • How to shop for insurance
  • Competitive comparisons
  • Customer FAQs
  • Product and services reviews
  • Interviews with loyal customers
  • Informational video clips
  • Industry awards
  • Quizzes, test and surveys
  • Expose negative things about your industry
  • Breaking industry news

These are just a few ideas and it’s up to you and your creativity to expand the list or to start elaborating on one particular topic. You don’t need to include every type of content at once, focus on what you know first. Remember, the content you create for your site will not only position your company as a reliable source of information but as an expert and a leader among your competitors.