Anatomy of a FanPage

Facebook  touts over 1 Billion users and has become a part of (almost) every business’s online strategy.

Facebook lets you tell Mr. Clean that you like a man with a bald head, and now Mr. Clean can say “Thanks!” in response.

Facebook provides users of brands a way to interact with the products and services they use. How can you harness the social media engine  and use it to promote your business? Follow Facebook’s easy step by step creation process to create your own Page. Click here to get started.


You have your Fan Page, now what? You need to create an engaging place for consumers to visit.

Step One  - Add Visuals.

The Facebook Fan Page is a lot like your personal profile. It boasts a large cover image (851 pixels by 315 pixels), perfect for displaying a visual representation of your brand and a profile picture which is a 160 pixel square that is suitable for your company’s logo. These two images overlay one another and can create an interesting interplay between them. Be sure to make the profile picture strong enough to stand on its own. It will appear beside your posts on your page and in fans’ news feeds.



Directly below the cover area is an “about” section. This short block of text should be used to promote your page’s primary purpose. Be sure to include a link to your website here.  The following four blocks are your pages “favorites.” These are applications like photos and events, and for advanced users links for your fan page tabs.


Step Two – Fill in the Timeline.

Besides the anecdotal information about your fan page the real meat of the page is in the Timeline. Facebook’s new Timeline is a way of organizing posts, status updates, images and events into a linear format that users can view by scrolling down the page and moving through time.

To really fill out your timeline be sure to tailor your posts to your target audience and make sure your posts show up in the best place on your timeline.

Click the Star to Highlight, Click the Edit to Pin


  • Pin important time sensitive posts to the top of your page. Pins last 7 days.
  • Call attention to important posts and events by highlighting them. Highlighting a post stretches it across both columns of the page – great for panoramic photos.
  • Backdate posts to create an accurate record of your company’s history. Start with the day your grandfather opened his doors and then fill in extra events like grand openings, additional business partners or blowout Christmas parties.

Add a time, location and visibility

When you add a post to the page you will have several options to complete the post.

  • Add the time – either past or future.
  • Add the location – this will usually be your office, but it could be at an event location.
  • Select the visibility. Visibility by default is Public, but you can target your posts to only display to certain locations (Cities, States, Countries). This is useful for promoting location specific events or promotions.

After a post has been created you can hover over the post’s title and click the Star icon to Highlight the post or click the Edit icon to pin the post to the top of the page.


Step Three – Share Content

Now that you have a visually appealing fan page and a timeline that tells the story of your company, it is time to start adding and sharing content.  You should start by sharing your page with your friends and family, then let your fan base grow organically through them. Fans will also come through non Facebook avenues like links on your LinkedIn profile or your business website. Alternatively you can begin by purchasing  Facebook Advertising.

  • Share your page by opening the Admin Panel at the top of the Fan Page. Then click Build Audience.
    • You can share the page with your email contacts, your personal Facebook Friends
    • You can also share the page to your personal Timeline by clicking Share Page…
    • Share content on your page by adding an intriguing post, linking to a great article, or uploading a fantastic image.
  • Share the post to your personal timeline and get your friends and family to share your Page’s post too!

Anatomy 101

Cover Photo 851×315 pixels
Page Profile Picture 180×180 pixels
Favorites/App Boxes 111×74 pixels
Image Posts 500×500 pixels
Highlighted Posts 800×315 pixels
Page Tabs 810px wide by 800 px tall


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    As you say creating a page is easy, but you have to engage your users to have success

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